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Nurse Call

Modern healthcare facilities place great demands on staff as they seek to provide the highest levels of attention for people within their care. 

KAM Systems can provide products and systems for almost any type of healthcare facility from Day Care Centres, Primary Care Centres, Residential Care Homes through to NHS and Private Hospitals.

Our solutions allow Patients and Staff to call for assistance whenever and wherever it is required; promptly and effectively. 

Existing older light panel systems can be easily upgraded with the latest digital technology providing multiple levels of alarm, clear text displays, call logging and Alphanumeric Pagers or DECT Telephones.


We can design and install a tailor made solution to fit your exact requirements.


With capabilities to integrate to most nurse call systems, safety systems such as fire alarms and telephone systems.

We can supply systems that are wired or wireless or a hybrid of both, tailoring a solution to fit your exact needs. 

With the ability to integrate wired & wireless systems you can preserve your existing nurse call or add to it whenever you need. 

i2 Wireless Nursecall Features

  • Secure Digital Wireless

  • Battery powered with automatic low battery check – 24 month battery life*

  • Messages are sent direct to Displays and Pagers

       No Controller Needed

  • Multiple alarm levels – Call, Assist, Emergency, Reset, Sensor, Visit, Low Battery

  • One press Emergency Call feature

  • Pull Cord Option - For WC and bathrooms plus common areas

  • 2 Auxiliary input option – e.g. Pear Push and Sensor, providing ‘Call’ and ‘Assist’ alarm levels


As a wireless solution, i2 offers maximum flexibility. Gardens, outbuildings and new rooms can be incorporated into the system.


It is very easy to expand the system, each additional i2 Call Point is simply programmed with its’ unique message and fitted to the wall with two screws.

Installation finished! With zero setup and simple installation, many customers are installing small systems themselves.

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