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The Nursecall Shop is owned and operated by KAM Systems Ltd, an independent, nursecall specialist founded in 2005.

KAM Systems have been supplying, installing and maintaining nursecall systems across the country from their offices in Wiltshire for over a decade. They are approved installers of most commercial systems and their customers include Care Homes, Mental Health Facilities and Hospitals.

Shortly after being incorporated it became apparent to KAM Systems that many small, independent Care Homes could not afford to replace their failing legacy systems. The problem was often that either the Nursecall Master Controller or the wiring was faulty and needed replacing. These two key problems were then the beginning of a long journey that KAM Systems undertook to develop and manufacture its own professional Nursecall System.

The two core fundamentals of the proposed new system were that:

  1. The Nursecall System should be wireless so that installation is quick and easy with minimal disruption to the residents
  1. That the Nursecall System in not dependent on any one expensive component such as the Master Controller. Should any component of the System fail then the cost of replacement should not be prohibitive.

After much research and testing, the first generation of the KAM Wireless Nursecall System was developed and launched in 2008. Crucially, it was designed so that each Call Point of the System had its own intelligence and operated without the need of an expensive Master Controller. In addition the Call Point used secure, radio technology to communicate directly with a Display and/or a Pager. In all other respects the KAM Nursecall System met or exceeded the functionality of the existing, professional systems readily available on the market.

The first generation of the System received great reviews in the UK and was even licensed for sale to the Swedish market under the brand name of Piccolo.

No sooner had the first generation been launched, KAM Systems began formulising the design principles of a second generation. Essentially their aim was to further reduce cost by moving away from bespoke plastic mouldings towards standard back boxes and face plates.

The second generation, known as the KAM i2 Wireless Nursecall System was launched in 2012, and over 1000 Call Points have already been installed in Care Homes across the country. The i2 System installed by KAM Systems is sufficiently flexible and powerful to provide bespoke solutions to any Care Home.

DIY Nursecall -  the i2 Wireless Nursecall System has now been adapted for installation by any competent layperson.

The Call Points are pre-programmed to your requirement so they are ready for use straight out-of-the-box. Call Points are powered by industrial alkaline AA batteries and displays come complete with an integrated plug in power supply so there is no requirement for any electrical work. Each component is simply affixed to a wall by drilling holes and inserting screws.

The Nursecall Shop and KAM Systems are therefore truly proud to supply the UK’s first DIY, professional Nursecall System. Designed and manufactured in the UK by nursecall specialists for the small Care Home market.

Every Nursecall System can be enhanced through the use of accessories so the Nursecall Shop aims to provide accessories for ALL Systems. Please feel free to offer suggestions for products not currently listed and for improvements you would like to see.

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