i2 Wireless Signal Booster

  • £400.00
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  • Wireless Signal Booster
  • Complete with 2 Antennae and Power Supply Unit
  • Increases range of i2 Nursecall System
  • Easy to install
  • Heartbeat LED 
  • Repeat on LED

This i2 Wireless Signal Booster increases the range of an i2 Nursecall System and is useful in larger Care Homes or those that are spread widely across multiple buildings.

Ideally placed in the centre of the home, it will 'repeat' every alarm from the Nurse Call System. The Red Heartbeat LED flashes regularly to indicate that the Repeater is functioning correctly and the Green LED flashes when repeating an active alarm. 

It is supplied pre-programmed with a 12V plug top power supply - simply plug in to a mains socket and you are ready to go.


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