i2 Wireless Door Alarm

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  • Secure Digital Wireless
  • Battery powered with automatic low battery check – up to 24 month battery life
  • Isolate function for operation of door without alarm when required
  • Easy installation / Pre-wired magnetic contacts – no specialist tools required
  • Lockable Wall Bracket
  • Customer changeable batteries
  • Can be set up for ASSIST or EMERGENCY levels of alarm
  • Uses include:
    • Alarming fire doors
    • Alarming entrances and exits for common areas
    • Monitoring resident rooms
  • Comes complete with magnetic reset key

The Door Monitor is useful for monitoring the use of external doors such as Fire Exits, Entrance / Exit doors or even internal doors such as bedroom doors.

Simple to operate, the monitor is controlled using a magnetic key.  When the monitor is on and in operation the red LED will blink periodically. If the door is then opened the monitor will send an alert to a Display and / or Pager.  A typical message would be 'Assist Fire Exit Door 1'.

Staff are then able to quickly attend to the area to make sure that residents are safe and not putting themselves in any danger by wandering out of the monitored door.

A key feature is that once activated the Door Monitor will repeat the alarm every minute until it is cancelled using the magnetic key.  If required, for example when receiving deliveries, the Door Monitor can be isolated using the magnetic key and push button simultaneously.  The door can then be opened and closed without setting off the alarm.  Re-enabling the door again is the same, simply push the button and swipe the magnetic key. When the Door Monitor is disabled/enabled a silent message will be sent to the Display/Pager. When used in conjunction with a Call Logger enabling/disabling of the Monitor is recorded.

The Door Monitor comes complete with pre-wired door contacts, a magnetic reset key, i2 Battery and a complete installation and user guide.

As with each i2 Wireless Call Point, the Door Monitor is intelligent and sends a call directly to Displays and Pagers.  Quite simply if you only require one door to be monitored all you need is one Door Monitor and one Pager!

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