Wireless Wrist Pendant - Use with Pendant Controller

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Can only be used if you you have a wired i2 system or have a wireless pendant controller.
  • Wrist Pendant - Waterproof
  • 3V Long Life Battery 
  • Simple to operate

This Wireless Wrist Pendant can be added to the i2 Pendant Network Controller.

Gives residents the ability to generate a Nurse Call Alarm whilst away from the Call Point.  Provides freedom of movement for the resident anywhere in the bedroom.  Waterproof and comfortable to wear on the wrist.

It can also be used for communal areas such as the Lounge, Dining Room, Conservatory etc.

The Wireless Wrist Pendant uses secure radio technology which has much greater reliability and range when compared to infrared pendants. It is therefore ideal for using in outdoor areas such as gardens.

Can amend the description that the pendant is sending at the wireless pendant controller.

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