Wireless Radio Receiver

  • £85.00
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Compatible with any nursecall system.
  • Receiver Unit with floor stand
  • Includes 12V DC Power Supply Unit
  • Includes Nurse Call Lead (please specify system when ordering)
  • Includes Nurse Call Jack Socket Splitter

The Radio Receiver enables the addition of Neck pendants and Wireless Falls Monitors to any Nurse Call System. It includes a Power Supply, Nurse Call Lead and even contains a Call Point Jack Socket Splitter so that both the Receiver and an existing Pear Push Lead can be plugged in at the same time.

The receiver can take up to 85 pendants or Bedside monitors and so is great  for communal areas such as the Lounge, Dining Room, Conservatory etc.

It provides residents with freedom to be anywhere in their room and always have the ability to push a button to call for help, either on their wrist or around their neck.  

Requires pairing with a Wireless Neck Pendant  or Wireless Falls Monitor to form a complete solution.

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