i2 Wireless Display

i2 Wireless Display

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  • Secure Digital Wireless
  • All Nurse Call Messages Displayed as Alphanumeric Text
  • Clear LCD Backlit Display
  • 12 x 20mm easy to read character height
  • Built in Speaker with preset Day and Night Volume settings
  • Different Tones to indicate urgency of alarm
  • Easily distinguish between Call, Assist, Emergency and Front Door Bell
  • Integrated 12V plug top power supply

The KWD1 Wireless Display uses secure, digital, wireless technology to provide clear nurse call messages with an audible alert in addition to a range of additional features.

A single wall mounted Display, located centrally, will typically provide sufficient coverage for a Care Home of 25 bedrooms. It will alert staff to nurse calls made from any Call Point or accessory attached to a Call Point. Larger care homes may require an additional Display or a Signal Booster.

The Display shows the full alphanumeric text of the active nurse call including the location of the alarm and the call type e.g. Call, Assist, Emergency and Cancel. In addition the Display will sound in sympathy with the call type as well as displaying how long the alarm has been active.  A typical message would be "R:005 CALL 03Mins"  or "DINING RM EMERGENCY 01 Mins".

The Display can be temporarily silenced by pressing the ✔ button. However this does not reset the active Call Point and the call will re-appear when the Call Point repeats the message after one minute. This key safety feature means that the call can only be reset at the Call Point at which it was made.

The Display has pre-set volume levels set for day or night. When the display is in the quieter night mode the symbol N will be shown in the bottom right corner of the display.

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