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Intercall Infra-Red Pendant & Call Point Package - Nursecall Shop

Intercall Infra-Red Pendant & Call Point Package


Purchase only if you have an Intercall 600 system or 700 system and require a new Call Point with the addition of a Infra-Red Pendant.
Infra-Red Pendant
  • Anti ligature neck cord
  • Compatible with Intercall 600 and 700 series
  • 3 Variants: Call, Assist and Emergency

Compatible with the Intercall 700 Series Infra-Red Call Points, the KPTX1 enables calls to be remotely generated by simply pushing a button on the Pendant. The push button can be programmed to transmit a ‘Call, Assist or Emergency’ alarm. Please specify when ordering.

Also available with an integral 'Easy Switch' for residents that have limited hand movement, which can also be easily operated with a chin. 

If you have an Intercall 600 series Nurse Call system then you can still use this pendant but will need to replace the existing call point with the L722 Call Point below.

Intercall Infra-Red Call Point

  • Infra-Red Call Point
  • Compatible with Intercall 600 & 700 series Nurse Call system
  • Easily installed

If you require the ability to use Infra-Red pendants and have an Intercall 600 system then this Call Point is needed along with the Infra-Red Pendant. It can easily replace an existing 600 Call Point, all connections are the same. Simply copy the dip switch settings on the Call Point that needs replacing and connect to the system using the same connector.

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