KIRS Infra Red Bedside Monitor

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Package includes:-
  • Passive Infra Red Monitor
  • Nurse Call Lead (please specify system)
  • 9V DC Plug top power supply
  • Call Point Jack Splitter
  • Swivel Bracket

The KIRS Infra Red Monitor uses infra red detection technology to help carers reduce the risk of falls. This Monitor can be mounted on a door or by the bedside to trigger an alert when a person breaks the infra red beam. When Floor Sensor Mats are deemed undesirable this Monitor is a great alternative.  It is very simple to use and comes complete with a Nurse Call Lead and plug top Power Supply as well as a swivel bracket for easy mounting and adjustable positioning.

During the night it can be used to monitor a resident getting out of bed and during the day it can be easily re-positioned to monitor the resident getting up off the chair.

When placed across a doorway, this Monitor has also been used to monitor someone entering or exiting a room.

The package comes complete with everything you might need to connect to your Nursecall Call Point, including a Jack Splitter so that you can connect your existing Pear Push Lead and the Monitor at the same time.


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