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i2 WPMC Wireless Pendant & Motion Sensor Controller - Nursecall Shop

i2 WPMC Wireless Pendant & Motion Sensor Controller


  • Pendant / Sensor Controller
  • Package comes complete with 1 x Controller and 1 x Receiver Unit
  • 12V Power Supply Supplied
  • Add up to 100 Wireless Pendants / Sensors

The i2 Wireless Pendant  and Motion Sensor Controller consists of a Controller and a Receiver and can be used as an addition to the i2 Wireless Nursecall System.

The WPMC can also be used as a complete stand alone solution with the addition of an i2 Wireless Display(s) or Pager(s).  When multiple pendants and sensors are required it provides a more economical solution than buying individual pendant and sensor packages.  It also provides a greater range typically easily covering a 30 bed home.

The WPMC comes pre-programmed and is easily installed.  It supports up to 100 devices, Pendants and Sensors, simply order the relevant amount required and we will do the rest.  Extra devices can be easily added whenever required.  We will provide you with a USB programming stick that is used to upload the new configuration to include the new devices.

Pendants and Sensors can be used anywhere in the Home and because the Pendants are waterproof, they can even be worn in showers.

When a device is activated a Custom message will be sent to a Display or Pager(s) for example: 'Pendant 1' or 'Sensor 5'.

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Wireless Motion Sensor

Alphanumeric Display


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