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Heavy Duty Floor Sensor Mat (Large) - Nursecall Shop

Heavy Duty Floor Sensor Mat (Large)


  • Rugged construction makes this mat very durable
  • Compatible with all Nurse Call Systems. Please specify system
  • Optional Anti-Slip Floor Sensor Mesh for use on hard floors
  • Includes Call Point Jack Socket Splitter which enables simultaneous connection of Pear Push Lead and Floor Sensor to same call point
This rugged TreadNought Floor Sensor Mat can be placed beside the bed of a resident that is at risk of falling. The lead connects to your existing Nurse Call System with the provided adapter (please select your System when ordering). 
When the resident steps onto the Mat it triggers an alarm which Carers will receive through the existing Nurse Call Displays or Pagers. Carers can then attend to the room to check whether the resident requires assistance.
If you have no existing Nurse Call System you will require an i2 Wireless Call Point with a either a Display or a Pager so that a carer can respond to any alarm.

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