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25m Anti Bacterial & Anti Ligature Pull Cord Pack - Cord Only

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  • Available in Red / Orange Out of Stock / White Out of Stock
  • Anti Bacterial / Anti Ligature
  • 25 Metre Cord only Pack

The Anti bacterial Pull cord can be used with standard cleaning products or disinfectants and the inbuilt Biomaster protection provides protection 24hrs a day from bugs such as E.coli and MRSA.

Anti ligature is used where there is a danger that people may cause harm to themselves. The Anti ligature Clean PullCord is tapered through the length of the PullCord, and has been tested on a tensile gauge to snap when pulled with force greater than 9.75kg +\-15%.

The Anti Bacterial Pull Cord has the appearance and characteristics of a standard pull cord and can be easily retrofitted using the components already present. It is currently available in white, red and orange. 


Please note that this Anti Bacterial & Anti Ligature Pull Cord is designed to minimise the risk of harm and we do not offer any guarantee that it will not take place. It is not a replacement for trained professionals who manage and supervise vulnerable persons. 

Nursecall Shop and KAM Systems Limited will not be held liable for death or damages directly or indirectly involving any Nursecall Shop product. 

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