Heavy Duty Nurse Call Lead - 3m

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Intercall Heavy Duty Call 3 meter Lead. Ideal for heavy use, thicker lead and robust head reduce the likelihood a call lead breaking. Ideal as an alternative to the Intercall Call lead (Select Mono for Intercall) 

  • Robust, flexible, 3m lead
  • One button function
  • 12 month warranty

The i2 Pear Push Lead is inserted into the Call Point and enables a resident to call for help even when the Call Point is out of reach. Our standard lead is 4m (13ft) in length which is sufficient to reach across most bedrooms.

The Pear Push will activate the Call Point when the call button on the top of the Pear Push is pressed. In addition if the jack plug is removed from or inserted into the Call Point this will also initiate a call. This feature alerts the staff that something has changed within the room and the user may require additional help or just a simple check.

Mono Compatible with i2 Wireless Nursecall System, Intercall NP4 REPLACEMENT, SAS & ARM nurse call.


Stereo Compatible with Quantec, Nursecall 800. 

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