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Wireless Motion Sensor Package - Nursecall Shop

Wireless Motion Sensor Package


Package includes:
  • Wireless Motion Sensor with floor stand
  • Receiver Unit with floor stand
  • 12V DC Power Supply Unit for Receiver
  • Nurse Call Lead (specify system when ordering)
  • Nurse Call Jack Socket Splitter
  • Motion Sensor Cover

The KPWMS is a complete solution that enables monitoring of a resident trying to get out of bed or up off a chair.  It can also monitor a resident leaving or entering a bedroom.  This is our most popular package that helps minimise falls in a Care Home.

The Receiver Power Supply plugs into a spare plug socket and the Nurse Call Lead plugs into an existing Call Point.  The package even contains a Call Point jack socket splitter so that both the Receiver and an existing Pear Push Lead can be plugged in at the same time.  

The Wireless Motion Sensor can be placed on the floor or bedside table.  The sensor emits an invisible infrared 'curtain' from floor to ceiling.  When this 'curtain' is breached, it will send an alarm activation wirelessly to the Receiver Unit, which in turn will then activate the Call Point.  The freedom of being wireless allows the Motion Sensor to be placed anywhere in the room.  Coverage is no issue as it will easily cover even the largest of bedrooms.  The Motion Sensor is operated by a 3V Long Life Lithium Battery and will last at least 12 months.  Spare batteries can be ordered on Nursecall Shop.

The sensor comes complete with cover allowing the user to mask the infra red beam when not in use.

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