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i2 Wireless Nursecall Display Kit - Nursecall Shop

i2 Wireless Nursecall Display Kit


Kit consists of 
  • 4 x Auxiliary Call Points
  • 2 x Pull Cord Call Points 
  • 4 x Pear Push Leads 
  • 1 x Display

 i2 Wireless Call Point

  • Secure Digital Wireless
  • Battery powered with automatic low battery check – 24 month battery life*
  • Messages are sent direct to Displays and Pagers
  • No Controller Needed
  • Multiple alarm levels – Call, Assist, Emergency, Reset, Sensor, Visit, Low Battery
  • One press Emergency Call feature
  • Pull Cord Option
  • 2 Auxiliary input option – e.g. Pear Push and Sensor, providing ‘Call’ and ‘Assist’ alarm levels

The iCall Point is part of the KAM Nursecall range, one of the most advanced, digital wireless nurse call systems available today.  It provides residents and patient’s peace of mind in knowing that help is only a push button away.

 A unique feature to this Nursecall is that each Call Point is intelligent and sends a call directly to Displays and Pagers.  By employing distributed intelligence there is no need for a Central Control Unit. Quite simply one Call Point and one Pager or one Display is all you need to make a system.

It provides staff with essential information, alerting them to every resident or staff call with its location and urgency. Call, Assist, Emergency, Sensor, Reset, Low Battery are the alarm types the Call Point will send together with its location.

For example, "R:005 CALL 01Mins" or "R:011 SENSOR 03Mins". 

Once activated the Call Point will repeat the call until it is cancelled.  This means that a nurse call alarm cannot be ignored and has to be reset in the room it has been activated. If a Call Point is active for six minutes it will automatically escalate to an Assist alarm. The Call Point will also send the amount of minutes it has been active as part of the alarm message.

The Visit function when used in conjunction with the Call Logger, will help conform to CQC guidelines in response times and night checks.

There are two Call Point variants, the CPWPC with the addition of a Pull Cord and the CPWPP which has two auxiliary inputs for a Pear Push and other devices such as Floor Sensor Mats, Bed and Chair sensors, Epileptic Monitors, Motion sensors or any other sensor that has a stereo or Mono jack plug.  Adapters are available to connect existing accessories.

 i2 Wireless Display

  • Secure Digital Wireless
  • All Nursecall Messages Displayed as Alphanumeric Text
  • Clear LCD Backlit Display
  • 12 x 20mm easy to read character height
  • Built in Speaker with preset Day and Night Volume settings
  • Different Tones to indicate urgency of alarm
  • Easily distinguish between Call, Assist, Emergency and Front Door Bell
  • Integrated 12V plug top power supply

The KWD1 wireless display uses secure, digital, wireless technology to provide clear messages with an audible alert in addition to a range of additional features.

A single wall mounted display, located centrally, will typically provide sufficient coverage for a care home of 25 bedrooms. It will alert staff to calls made from any Call Point or Accessory attached to a Call Point. Larger care homes will require an additional Display or a Repeater.

The display shows the full alphanumeric text of the active call including the location of the alarm and the call type, Call, Assist, Emergency and Cancel. In addition the display will sound in sympathy with the call type as well as displaying how long the alarm has been active.  A typical message would be "R:005 CALL 03Mins"  or "DINING RM EMERGENCY 01 Mins".

The display can be temporarily silenced by pressing the ✔ button. This does however not reset the active Call Point and the call will re-appear when the Call Point repeats the message after one minute. This key safety feature means that the call can only be reset at the Call Point at which it was made.

The display has pre-set volume levels set for day or night. When the display is in night mode the symbol N will be shown in the bottom right corner of the display.

Pear Push Lead

  • Robust, flexible, 4m lead
  • One button function
  • Generates standard call
  • 12 month warranty

The Pear Push Lead is inserted into the Call Point and enables a resident to call for help even when the Call Point is out of reach. Our standard lead is 4m (13ft) in length which is sufficient to reach across most bedrooms.

The Pear Push will activate the Call Point when the call button on the top of the Pear Push is pressed. In addition if the jack plug is removed from or inserted into the Call Point this will also initiate a call. This feature alerts the staff that something has changed within the room and the user may require additional help or just a simple check.

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